Artículos e informes

En esta sección encontrarás artículos científicos e informes sobre los temas de salud global en los que trabajamos

A synthesis of implementation science frameworks and application to global health gaps (2019)

Villalobos Dintrans P, Bossert TJ, Sherry J, Kruk ME. Glob Health Res Policy. Aug 27;4:25. doi: 10.1186/s41256-019-0115-1. PMID: 31485483; PMCID: PMC6712702.

Knowledge translation in health: how implementation science could contribute more (2019)

Wensing, M., Grol, R. BMC Med 17, 88. Artículo para saber más

Evaluating and optimizing the consolidated framework for implementation research (CFIR) for use in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review (2020)

Means, A.R., Kemp, C.G., Gwayi-Chore, MC. et al. Implementation Sci 15, 17

Using implementation science theories and frameworks in global health (2020)

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Implementation science: What is it and why should I care? (2020)

Mark S. Bauer, JoAnn E. Kirchner.